The Ideal Pair

Learn to choose the part that is indispensable for your look but also crucial to protect yourself from UV rays(photos)

The Ideal Pair

Buying sunglasses is not an easy task, but it is an inescapable step to face the sunny days(and even the cloudy ones!) With style and above all without endangering the health of your eyes. It is estimated that the effect of ultraviolet rays is the origin of retinal lesions, associated with pathologies such as macular degeneration or cataracts.

Here are the key recommendations and tips for making the best choices. Good shopping!

The new sunglasses are already there and diversity is not lacking, as Helena Penteado, an image consultant, explains. In addition to the classic XL and aviator, in dark shades(black, brown), also appear glasses with colored hoops or with patterns(animal print, balls, stripes) and colored lenses.

In the color palette,”some of the tones are very bold and strong(neon) like orange or turquoise, but there are other discrete ones like purple, dry green or gray,” he illustrates. As fashion is being a bit influenced by the crisis(especially the purchase options) the classic models are the most sought, ie dark or neutral frames(brown, black, gray, metallic) squares or rounded glasses, usually In XL format according to HISTORYAAH.COM.

Eternals favorites

Not everything is fashionable innovation. Some models have been around for years. Aviator-style glasses are still in vogue,”says the consultant. They may or may not be mirrored, usually with silver or gold plated frames.

If you are faithful to your glasses or like to recycle, know that although all sizes are accepted, small size models are the least appreciated. RayBan wayfarers continue to be used, last year they were black or red, now appear in colors like turquoise.

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Clothes and accessories

Before buying the glasses, take into consideration the tone of the pieces, if you use neutrals you can risk on colored glasses, but if you like a lot of color in summer the ideal is a more neutral model, suggests the consultant.

Black or brown glasses are more versatile than those with silver or gold frames.

Large silver necklaces or earrings do not look good with gold glasses and vice versa(if they are discreet there is no such problem), he says. If you do not want to invest in two pairs of glasses opt for mass models, black or brown, they look good with any set, he suggests.

Respect the complexion

As with make-up, sunglasses should enhance the complexion. In the opinion of Helena Penteado. The tone of the glasses should look good on the skin tone. For example, pastel-colored glasses will die on very light skin. Then choose a strong or darker color.

Obtaining a contrasting effect without calling into question the protagonism of one’s own face is the secret of the right choices. Sometimes black or dark-rimmed glasses can give a heavy air. If it is your case, opt for neutral, light brown or metallic frames.

The right face

The balance between the face and the glasses is the secret of a successful look. While the oval face looks good with everything and is especially favored by the square model, emphasizes Helena Penteado, the other face types impose some rules.

If you have a square face, choose rounded glasses and a little narrower than the wider area of ​​the face. Big rounds are also a hypothesis, he suggests. On a rounder face, you should prefer”frames with angled lines to give definition to the face. They look very good square or rectangular,”he says.

Finally, if triangular, a good option are the rounded or oval glasses to soften the face, advises. Whatever the profile, the size of the glasses should be proportional to the face.

The secret is in the lens

6 Essential Rules to Protect the Health of Your Eyes

  1. Get sunglasses only from specialist stores.
  2. Check if the lenses have anti-UV protection, either in percent(99 percent) or wavelength
    (400 nm).
  3. Choose the lenses according to the use they will give. Choose darker lenses
    for bright environments. Lenses with color gradients, indicated for driving, should not be used on the beach as they allow more light to pass through.

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  1. The larger the lens the larger the protection. Curved and large-sized lenses have the
    advantage of preventing lightning from passing through the frame. The brown lenses offer greater comfort and quality of vision.
  2. To evaluate the quality of the lenses, hold the glasses and place them in front of a geometric pattern. Move them sideways and vertically and observe, on each lens, whether the pattern moves or not. In a lens of quality the pattern remains immobile.
  3. The idea that the use of sunglasses allows longer exposure or a more direct fixation of sunlight without risk”is false”, warns Luís Gouveia Andrade. Even on gray or foggy days, you should wear sunglasses, as UV rays can pass through the clouds, warns the ophthalmologist.

Text: Manuela Vasconcelos with Helena Penteado(image consultant) and Luís Gouveia Andrade(ophthalmologist)