The Look: New Year, New Glasses

The sunglasses are part of the look of any season. We do not resist using our favorite accessories, rain or shine, even because we must protect our vision every day even on less sunny days.

The Look New Year, New Glasses

What we did not know until now was how much we needed to know the new Opticalia exclusive brand and its models of sunglasses that adapt to any face, season or look.

Or not to be called the new brand, exactly, THE LOOK.It has a perfect look for you, for any occasion. Get to know the featured models for each of the stations in the year:

Inspired by browline style and retro design, this model THE LOOK combines the current trend of rounded glasses with a classic and sophisticated style.

The cool shades of black and translucent contrast perfectly with a time as colorful and vivid as spring and the usual contrasting looks we use at this time of year.

Colored lenses with reflections are the fashion of the last years and fit well with the colors, the heat and the summer looks. This model contrasts the turquoise blue of the lens with an animal pattern frame, with two tone effect and gradient.

The warm, autumnal tone of the animal pattern stem combines with the translucent front of the frame, colder and wintery.

Similar to the summer model, these glasses have a more classic style in the dark tone lenses and adapt to the usual tones of the time, while recalling the summer’s nostalgia.

A gradient frame, in dark and cool shades-black and gray-to perfectly match with a cool, rainy winter.

For those who like to be discreet, this model with translucent effect is very fashionable and rests on all types of faces.