The Look Right: Casual Sporty in the Right Measure

Get out to the gym, a walk or even a ride casual through the neighborhood does not need to be a “show of” parts of poor quality in a combination style, the clothing of the sport – and, of course, we’re not talking about the uniform of your team from the heart – present interesting options, some of which are so cool that they can serve even for other occasions, such as a trip to a location that is stripped or a barbecue with friends. Learn more about:

The Look Right Casual Sporty in the Right Measure

Because it works?

A sports outfit casual just need the right parts to play in your favour, as is the case with the sweater striped that brings a influence navy the composition, it is warm, comfortable, and has no personality; the pants jogger is starting to emerge here, and the choice of a neutral color and clear so it was ideal to keep the interest in the top part of the look, in addition to its trim adjusted, but not glued. It was interesting the choice of a t-shirt with a strong color giving a warm touch in this production so behaved in this regard. The white tennis shoescanvas each and every day conquer more the male audience because of their versatility, lightness and practicality. The bag is another key item, a nylon backpack any could do the combo, you lose points, but this canvas bag navy with details in white did not disappoint, combining completely with the rest of the parts. The sunglasses aviator style are also a great choice because it has a footprint slightly sports and are suitable for any environment.

Try this…

Include a clock in respect to this combination, the piece gives an air of sophistication to any look with inspiration sport. Models with strap canvas work very well, but the rubber strap with ratchet and a display eye-catching can also enter the list.

It would not be the same thing if…

The pants were sweatpants, after all when this type of mesh comes in pairs it may seem that we are in pajamas, just waking up and we went straight to the street!

In short:

  • Learn to ride a casual look sporty is just as important as knowing to wear a suit, every moment that you can generate social interaction deserves a worthy outfit;
  • Sweatshirts have style and personality to integrate into a look ride, stripes, details and trims can help;
  • Pants jogger is gaining strength, for combos of sporting it works very well;
  • A touch of warm color can give life to the combination, but be discreet;
  • Shoes white canvas is a basic piece you will use for almost everything;
  • If you are going to add something, that is a beautiful watch, it gives a sophisticated look to any costume;
  • Be careful with the exaggeration of sweatpants, one-piece look is great!

Additional tips:

For chubby – if you are very overweight the horizontal stripes are definitely not going to help you, the sweatshirts with vertical stripes or smooth are your best friends, especially if it has zipper, so you can leave it open to create a vertical line, in addition prevents the piece is marking the belly.

For kids – the colorful shirt is a good way to draw attention to your face, but the stripes can horizontalizar too much to the silhouette, try something smooth and not too long or it will shorten your legs. The shoes can be more robust to make you gain height, but if you opt for a gym (assuming you will even to the gym), try to avoid the extravagant or the whole world will be looking at your feet.

For very high – for you the stripes are a beauty, as well as the contrast of the parts, therefore, if you want, the pants may be even more dark. The glasses and the detail of the t-shirt color will help bring the look of people up (to your face), therefore do not open hand of these items. Take care that the pants is not very glued, this will leave your legs too long.