The Look Right: Facing the Changes of Time with Style

The brazilian summer, at least in the southeast region, consisting in constant changes of climate, in a same day we can have sun, rain, thick, garôa fine, strong wind , and, to complete, a small temperature fall during the night which can disturb. This weekend we went through all of this, but who know how to choose the right parts before you leave the house don’t suffer with the time crazy.

The Look Right Facing the Changes of Time with Style

In the chosen combination we have clothing simple and basic that allow you to pass through several climate changes without languishing on any of them. We’ll comment piece by piece:

– The item of joker here is the jacket nylon: aligned enough to make it stylish and still protect you from a garôa boring (who lives in São Paulo knows) or a cold wind due to the change in atmospheric conditions. If you heat up, you can take it off, and dressing it later without fear that you will be wrinkled like a jacket of twill, a knit or a blazer. Moreover, there are technological tissue that does not crumple and does not retain water, one hand on the wheel in days like these!

– The basic t shirt is an all-around workhorse, maintains the neutral tone of the combo, and is fresh enough;

– A light pair of pants will ensure comfort and mobility, leaving the common place of the jeans and making a beautiful pair with the jacket and the shirt, however, watch out for the length, very close to the ground it can be a deposit of dirt on the days of the climate rebel.

– The All Star shoes experience the mess that are the streets in the summer, where dust, mud and water puddles can ruin a footwear more delicate as a shoe in nobuque, for example, counting with the ease of being relatively easy to wash and dry, without the need of special care;

– A pouch style postman will protect your documents, your notebook and any type of material that you light up and down, in addition to providing space for an umbrella, or even to host your jacket, if you learn to bend it straight;

– Don’t forget the sunglasses, you never know when you’ll need them. The style of the look allows several models, choose the one that has to do with your style and keep it always at hand;

– The belt on the canvas closes the look with an urban twist, and relax.

Is there a good example of the combination of parts and to one day with time undecided, remember this when you are facing the same!