The Look Right – The Combo of Casual with a Tie and Cardigan

One of the things that struck me most in this look is how it was minutely thought to be relaxation, with this air of “I just wear anything and come out there!”, but if you notice, since the tie slightly loose, until the sleeves bad rolled up the shirt and cardigan, everything has its reason.

The Look Right – The Combo of Casual with a Tie and Cardigan

Because it works

Cardigan with shirt and tie is always a good combination, to become even more casual hold the last button is always open and if you want to seem totally desencanado, release one or two more buttons on the top and loosen the tie. The choice of pants color was more than right, his soft tone of green left the visual more relaxed, the same goes for the sider in 3 colors with an authentic style navy, already the belt in leather caramel is in the middle of the path between the social and the casual, making the connection between the top part with the bottom of the look, interesting choice.Note how the glasses Wafarer rim of turtle fits like a glove in this combo.

Try this…

Swap the cardigan for a blazer as well light in the same color, gives a look from work casual chic, but also serves to ballad. Who doesn’t like boat shoes, you can exchange the pair for a shoe traditional tie, but with leather more rustic, such as on the belt.

Would not work if…

swap the pants for jeans, the visual would be cool, however would lose much of its charm. The shirt and tie could also give rise to a t-shirt, but that would leave the combo more poor. Close the tie in the conventional manner can give the idea of seriousness, which does not fit here, since the style is very “fun”.

In short:

  • The messy can be neat if you calculate well how to do it;
  • Cardigan, shirt and tie are always a good choice;
  • The Last button of the cardigan is always open for the piece to fall better in the height of the hips;
  • Pants with the soft color let the look young and relaxed;
  • Use the sider navy to a result of ultra casual
  • With a blazer and leather shoes caramel the same combo is ready for work or ballad;
  • In this case, jeans and t-shirt are not wrong, but deplete the result. Try to avoid.