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The One That Got away

Do you know the feeling something not purchased and then eeeewig to regret it?
I’m pretty good at it to mock at things, then to wait and to determine that they are already sold out–preferably with things which are particularly expensive.
I fall madly in love, but before I can really hit, I’m going to go home and sleep another night about it (or even more) and wonder if I’m really ready to spend so much money on one thing. In itself that’s already not stupid approach, the problem is only: usually I wait too long. From one night a week and sometimes a month, until the anticipation and decision are so anchored is then that there’s no going back – exactly then I walk highly motivated in the store, more than willing to buy the long-awaited part – and then it’s gone.

“How it is sold out??”
“Well, we no longer have it. I’m sorry!” (Don’t do it!)
“And where can I get it yet?”
“Well, so far I know, unfortunately not so many numbers were produced of which – I’m sorry, I can’t help you there!”
I mean since you would be already wildly on it – and then it is simply no longer there!
Where it is instead very present: in my memories.

How often do I think these wonderful shoes by Balenciaga, which were sold out everywhere (which I have to strongly reminiscent of my favorites – but just are not the original!), or on a bag by Prada, in which my small laptop in would certainly perfectly fit. Instead, I have even no bag (except a shopper..) fits into the My Golden baby. Or the Chanel Espandrilles in black/Black, who somehow still has – get everyone except I.
Or this is a dark blue, perfect sweater by Joseph.
Or, or, or…
There are just tons of things, which are left in memory and which are just sold out.
You know that..

There is now but still hope for cases like me:
Vestiare Collective has namely launched a campaign in life called “the one that got away”, where one of 20.10 – 30.11 has the option in the search & find targeted section to search for the lost part. To have to upload your just a picture of the part, missed you have to buy and hope that it will be put online!
A brilliant idea and who knows, maybe I can finally dispose of shoes and wear from then on only still the original.
Hope to die just yet last 🙂

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