The Power of The Logo of Chanel in Cotton T-Shirts

It seems that we we have a new epidemic carrying a couple of years in the making is: the invasion of cotton t-shirts with the logo (fake) of Chanel. Yes, and the bloggers of the world teach us their proud versions each one of them. Some, that want to make it unique, is they are encouraged with the DIY. Sincerely? I like wink they do, because they are not exact logos, always us shown in the form of bone, or bad fact or as paint stripping. And you, what think?

As if it were a doodle

One of the most demanded is the firm’s Romwe. Each year released different versions but always with a special feature: the logo appears as if had been painted what Scribble were.

With jeans or leggings, this yet Home Soccer Jersey. How do you combinarías it?

In version XXL

But not satisfied with this, some choose other model where the logo is presented in a disproportionate sizes: great look and be the center of attention. Personally I like the game that combined with a Cowboy vest, Vinyl pants and a simple Converse.

Although if you want to give a touch more trash we can choose to combine it with some high-waisted jeans shorts and military-style boots. The truth is that the garment fits all occasions & #8230;

With a little bit of mana & #8230;

If you like the idea but do not want to pay for it, you can always resort to the technique DIY (Do it yourself). Special fabrics, felt-tip pens, ball-point pens paint … wit power!

And this other blogger says, your version is. So you can only say bravo! Since it is very well done.

What you think about the idea?

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