Men's Clothing

The Short Outer Garment

There was an almost sacred rule in men’s fashion; outer garment must cover the entire jacket. That was until stylish Italians became aware of the lightweight down jacket. A phenomenon with Moncler to cheer all the way to the bank and style conservatives see generally red.

You can think what you want about the phenomenon of short down jacket or vest to jacket. Many call it the philistine and other widely studied. Others see the advantage of skipping the heavy overcoat in favor of lighter and leaner jackets. Regardless of opinion, it is hard to longer ignore the phenomenon that is now visible in almost all major retail clothing and outerwear manufacturer.

It must be said immediately that a shorter jacket model is hardly something for those who embraced a traditional costume style but rather something for those who prefer deconstructed jackets and pants with narrow and short silhouette. Preferably in combination with more grovsulade shoes. The combination can be seen mainly in southern Europe, which has a fairly logical explanation; a shorter outerwear gives simply not adequate rain and is therefore primarily a drier climate. Now if you do not take with you an old classic umbrella.


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