The Spiritual Effect of Using Jewelry

Jewelry is a significant part of contemporary society. But have you ever thought that using it can have some spiritual effect on your personality and organism?

The Spiritual Effect of Using Jewelry

All these precious stones contain many important meanings. Going back in history, you can see that wearing jewelry was popular in all civilizations. Some of our ancestors used stones not just to look good.

Many of us believe in a higher power. The level of it depends on the person and their beliefs. Some may derive spiritual benefits from jewelry and some may not.These beneficial properties include: absorption of the Divine consciousness, protection of various negative energies, such as ghosts, demons; Decrease of black energy throughout the body and even spiritual healing with acupressure therapy according to COMPUTERMINUS.

Gold rings:

The effect of gold is quite subtle but distinctive at the same time. This metal is known to produce a lot of caloric energy, which surrounds a body with reassuring vibrations. In the past gold was believed to have healing properties. The color of the metal is also important. A golden color will be full of heat, which helps to relax damaged parts of the body, causing recovery to happen at a higher rate.

Wearing a gold ring is a common activity around the world, which comes from tradition and religion. This action has some benefits:

– Using a gold ring attracts higher consciousness, which is emanated by the metal.

– This Divine consciousness builds pressure on the finger that becomes acupressure. This significantly reduces any kind of black energy, which helps the finger acquire Divine power.

– Using a ring on the ring finger is the most healing thing. To have some spiritual effect, women can wear a ring on the left hand, while men only on the right.


The earrings are not only connected with decorative purposes and embellishment.This adornment has an acupuncture effect on the body.

In ancient China, earrings were made for various health purposes. Using this type of accessory has the following spiritual properties:

– The earrings attract the Divine Principle, which envelops a person in happiness, patience, joy, spiritual desire, ability to forgive, perseverance, etc.

– The decoration traces Divine Eternity, which is emitted through the whole body.

– A stream of joy surrounds the person each time he wears slopes.


The jewelry around the neck is another popular trend of all time. The collars are used in different cultures with decorative purpose and to demonstrate social status.

When using this ornament, you should keep in mind the following:

– A necklace attracts Divine Consciousness, which is thrown throughout the body.

– A gold chain can destroy all parts of Raja-Tama in the communal environment.

– By being around the neck, the necklace can protect its wearer from negative energy: demons, witches, ghosts, etc.


The jewelry wrist is something charming. It is one of the oldest ornaments created by humans. Its history dates back 5000 years BC.

By using some particular stones in the wrist of the left hand, you can greatly control the stress of the external environment. Placing them on the right wrist can help significantly with productivity and control of energy. It is believed that wearing jewelry on a woman’s left wrist is for luck and protection and on the right, trust and prosperity. The spiritual effects are as follows:

– Attracts Divine consciousness that creates a protective environment around the whole hand.

– The ornaments on the wrist trace the principle of Fate del Sol.

– Create a saving energy that is emitted by the hand.

Now you see that wearing jewelry can have numerous benefits. If you are interested in them, the only thing you should do is choose a metal of its own and start using it.

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