The Top Five Shopping for Fashionistas Not Be Complicated

The fashion trends they are like restaurants: there are many, of all and for all, but without any recommendation we can afford expensive. To who writes, the special trend of the fashion magazines sometimes choke you, with so many proposals, tips, taxes, that make you think but?what it is not? The most stylish Street already looks new trends what hope even though we are practices?

One asks from here a less is more: Please divide me trends between 5 and my expenses in renovating my wardrobe is not multiplied by ten.


And is that if color is ocher or pink and oxblood what happens with the? fabrics? The King of the season and not so repeated as the lace is the Brocade. Designers such as Dolce Gabbana they have praised it despite its Baroque style during the rescue and lean. It is not a matter of spending much on this trend, it is very tiresome and impractical. We are going to ASOs and we will achieve this wonderful-sounding though stamped, Brocade.

This one in the collection of Paula Echevarría for white.

Hair sleeve jacket

Jackets with sleeves of leather that are copied from Burberry and are now in the soup are tired. We want news!

Most are the sleeves of natural or synthetic hair which we recommend in Fendi…

Hard to find? thousand jackets in leather and no hair? Pass you by Topshop and you’ll find this coat. Another option is the do it yourself: we need a hair wrap another synthetic hair and sewing!

Oxblood red total look

Oxblood red or Burgundy with a brownish touch. Peter Som, DKYN, Alexander Wang & #8230; they are committed to them. If going over the Red icing, you will find this wonderful in Mango.


Yes, it takes thousand seasons but do our again as they say the runway and in a way nothing demure but excessive. Amazing dress of ASOs only suitable for lovers of excesses.

Blue and black

Other combinations that sound us rare priori. TO Zara It sounds great and has created a beautiful look of feather skirt with sweater with applications.

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