The Tricks of the Celebrities You Can Try This Christmas

Over the years, we learn that more layers of makeup does not amount to a better look; to go with the eye liner is not recommended; things we feel that red lipstick is best; and also what kind of necklines, fabrics and colors favor us. What better time than he chose to throw all meat to the grill with our party looks to make a small review of this world so practical as it is the of the tricks that we favor.

The celebrities We will help you see everything you need to know when choosing a dress or clothing at night. Takes note of this absolute and very practical guide!

In small doses

No you have complexes by stature! Celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Kate Moss (which nevertheless has been a fashion icon) or ELSA Pataky they are proud of being so and believe that no, they also have their tricks. If you are tiny and you like the color black, are lucky: you can include in your wardrobe garments of skins (such as those that we saw this week) since are one of the few that you can abuse volumes. Kate Moss is an addicted to skins.

Shorts, skirts and mini dresses are made for ti. Take them with a good heel as does our friend Eva Longoria also playing with silhouettes with volume. She can!

Above all avoid falling in the long, long skirts and dresses means and bear paw broadband in pants or you pass as our dear Olsen He committed a great failure.

With a few extra pounds

When we have a few kilos us remaining always we are afraid to teach too because our flesh may seem flabby, but there are tricks also if we want to be sure of ourselves in these stages. Not too much to Liv Tyler one gram but has tricks can be used on such occasions. If you like a sleeve dresses (we saw that they were trendy) but don’t want to show too much, nothing like playing with a basic tee in black below. A look cool that you don’t have to teach arms if you want.

More overlays! This proposed us two dresses handle is great for hiding not too toned arms. Lurex mixed with fabrics such as velvet and get the most glamorous look.

Strapless leather dresses are great combined with a basic grey below and eighties necklace… and while you shape the idea in your head, we continue with our friend Liv to which we can imitate. Icon where you have them, Liv chooses a black dress silhouette clean and simple, ideal for them who don’t want to make too many curves.

Prevents wear skirts very short if your legs do not allow yourself or choose thick socks that Stylize much more. Amaia Montero It went through the slit of her skirt and ruined what could have been a great look.


High girls should not suffer due to its height and have to think that having a model height is something great! This type of beauty can look extra-long dresses and monkeys up to flat shoes so we envy them deeply. An example to follow are Karen Elson y Erin O´Connor that you look its long dresses with style.

Long ideal for high girls something more informal dress is that luce Lily Cole and I feel great.

If you want to risk a little more choose a monkey and combine it with fun flat shoes as some ballerinas with glitter or stones.

Very thin

Be thin allows you to play in this fashion. Actresses such as Keira Knightley If this is the case, they can be an inspiration. She can choose any prints either on the part of up or down.

If you go by much more pure and simple lines, forget the black color and get as Taylor that it chooses a sequined dress. Sequins, stones of all kinds and patterns will be your best friends.

Issue of chest

If you have much chest you forget the very closed collars or type box. It is precisely for the girls that they have little. Alexa Chung He knows it and choose type boat necklines…

…or very closed as of this shirtdress in one of the best looks of the year. Perfect!

If you have much chest look on as the actress uses his tricks (almost always) Scarlett Johansson. The V-neckline feel great with this type of girls.

Open neck is what gives the feeling of having less chest, if you also combine it with black the result has a double effect.

If on the other hand, you want to highlight your front, you forget the words of honor and opts for a cleavage of neck heart as that the designer became fashionable Luella last year.

Some notes of style more…

Can that whatever you want to hide is not in the above list, you may want to hide features something of the actress marked Eva Mendes I usually opt for light and floral shades instead of black, which makes it too masculine. Trust us, it is no simple coincidence.

Clear tones favour this type of dark skins and also somewhat sharp features like the actress. Much better in these tones when comes a black event.

Maybe your neck is not too stylized, in that case you should opt for necks the most open possible, you can even teach some of your lingerie, one of the latest trends. The actress Ginnnifer Goodwin It is an example of a closed neck produces a pinipon effect.

Much better is the actress with the neck and décolleté clear!

We finished with the hair, which is very important in any look and even more so if it is prom. The angular features of actresses such as Eva Mendes they are always smoothed with waves and a loose hairstyle. Laura Sanchez It is gorgeous, but it is even more when worn loose or volume hair.

If your face is redondita or wide, much better that you opt for smooth hairstyles that frame your features as it does Amaia Montero.

Have you seen like all famous has his tricks!

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