The Types of Glasses for Them

In addition to protecting the eyes, sunglasses are accessories that complete and can make all the difference in the look. 
When it comes time to choose sunglasses, the choices are endless among cutouts, colors, and sizes. To facilitate the process of searching for the perfect sunglasses, the first step is to discover the shape of the face and then the proportion of the glasses face your face.

The Types of Glasses for Them

There seem to be many variations to take into account, but we do help:

Oval face-the most privileged 
For this type of face there is no rule. Virtually any model looks good, taking only the size of the glasses in relation to the face, not to be”swallowed”.

Round Face-the hardest 
If you have a round face, the task of choosing the sunglasses is a bit more challenging, but do not despair. The key is to avoid round lines so you do not accentuate the very round lines of your face. The ideal is to opt for straight lines. Choose glasses with rectangular or square shapes according to Societypically.

Triangular Face & Heart
Rounding is the tip for this type of face. Glasses round or with rounded sides are perfect. The classic ‘Aviator’ model is another safe bet.

Square & Rectangular Face
This type of face is characterized by strong lines in the jaw area. To soften these features, glasses with rounded ends or even the”cat eye” model, give a more feminine touch.

Universal eyeglass model-for everyone 
If you are in doubt, the”cat eye” model is the solution. Take into account the size of the model to fit the size of your face. If you have a more square face, prefer the model with the rounder bottom. In turn, if your face is rounder, the square bottom will favor it.