Thun Italian Jewelry

Thun has made ​​this year a fall-winter 2013-2014 collection of accessories, jewelry, handbags and small leather items really special. The brand known for his creations in the field of decorative and gift ideas, has an entire line dedicated to women and fashion accessories, a women’s collection, lively and full of surprises. With the holiday season upon us, Thun also thinks many very good ideas to give and to receive as a gift.

Field of accessories is an Achilles heel for all fashionistas, no day look or evening self-respecting is complete without the right jewelry or light touches that add style to the outfit even more anonymous. Well aware of brands such as Accessorize and Ops Objects, whose latest collections are full of beautiful items, inspired by the way the fashion trend of the season.

Thun always choose a more classic and traditional style, a taste that because of these characteristics has conquered the hearts of many brands of fashionistas. The new women’s collection for the winter season is so enriched by new glamorous and delicious items.

In the pictures of our photo gallery you will see beautiful hats in wool and cashmere with jacquard or reproduction of butterflies and hearts, typical reasons of Thun collections. But as you can imagine, the field of jewelry is richer, perfect gift ideas for Christmas, even more in the romantic versions created by the brand.

The line rings includes many models, in rings silver enamel with metal elements rhodium and crystal, in the shape of butterflies, hearts and shamrocks. Thun to compact models alternates those with small pendants, variants with three circles and colored stones and patterns with flower pattern on a wider base.

Coordinated with the rings are then you think the necklaces and bracelets, gold or enameled silver charms that offer the same decorative elements along a single wire mesh, woven or more wires.

Very characteristic also the collection of bags, which wants its ranks this year bauletti in uni skin combined with elements such as butterflies reported cantilevered, shopper by higher day with jacquard patterns and aesthetics with minimal logo pendant on plate shaped like a butterfly, declined both in dark tones in pastel shades.

From Thun, there are lots of feminine and romantic ideas, which you dream model to find under the Christmas tree?