Tips for Combining Hairstyles and Jewelry

As you know some of our posts we are dedicated to provide advice on how to combine colors, clothes and accessories…

Tips for Combining Hairstyles and Jewelry

In the today I want to make some recommendations about what jewelry are the most appropriate for your type of hair.

We must combine the jewels in a strategic way, without attracting too much attention, but at the same time projecting a good image. When selecting Add-ins should think in the moment of the day, as well as the time of the year, to forecast weather and light conditions.

Then it is necessary to think of the dress and have a clear idea of what kind of hairstyle you think lead. It is from that moment when you can already start to play and think of the combinations of accessories according to AUTOMOTIVEQNA.COM.

Do not forget to accompany the accessories, hairstyles and clothing with a chord makeup. For a night party it should be tighter. It is also recommended to highlight your most sensual parts.

Here are some of the recommendations for use of the slopes according to the type of hairstyle.


To wear this type of hair appropriately importantly, more than earrings, is the shape of the face. Short earrings are always very correct and not downplay the factions. If you opt for a few laps, better than finite.


Medium hair is always a complicated hairstyle to combine. Long earrings sobresaldrían below the hairstyle and the shorts just might be. Therefore we recommend to use a pair of earrings of medium length, whether wide or as finite.

As example you can experiment with some rings for a more casual look or with a few pearls for a more formal occasion.


This type of cut allows the combination with all kinds of earrings. If you want to highlight we recommend using large earrings with brightness, and to be more discreet, a few small pearls.

Other possibility for more daring people is collected hair to one side and a single earring, well striking look.


With the hair for a special occasion, the most advisable is to look discreet earrings and accompany the hairstyle of any ornament, such as a with much glitter silver forks.


In the case of a more elaborate collected, do not try to divert the center of attention with a pair of earrings. It is even more practical to decide on an ornament or comb.

Earrings can be to ignore if the collected is worth. If you want to take a gem, which is to promote this fantastic work. In the pictures below you can see some earrings that enhance those included accompanying.

How do you combináis the jewels with your hairstyle?