Tips for Itchy Irritation When Using Costume Jewelry

Tips to remove the irritation or itching to use costume jewelry

Tips for Itchy Irritation When Using Costume Jewelry

If you have super sensitive skin, you love to wear jewelry but you discover that the wear necklaces or earrings your skin becomes irritated easily and causes you itching, then you must read these tips bring you…

Fantasy earrings
Secret with nail polish
To avoid that our ears are red, swollen or itchy, do the following:
1.- We will need a nail polish that is not in use. The color you choose as you will not be is indistinct according to Aparentingblog.
2 take your fancy earrings. Remove the butterfly which is back and protects the needle of the ring.
3 painted with enamel on the needle of the earring. This will form a thin layer that will protect your skin preventing swelling and itching.

4 let dry thoroughly and place your earrings as you do it regularly.

Secret with Vaseline to the fantasy earrings
You can also take the arete needle and apply a little petroleum jelly before placing you rings.
Remember that this trick will also work, but whenever you take off rings, you will have to put back a little petroleum jelly on the needle before you put them back.
Necklaces and pendants on the neck
To use fancy necklaces I recommend you do the following:
1.- Take the pendant and applied a film of transparent nail polish on the side that will touch your skin. Let dry before placing you hanging.
2.- Apply a little petroleum jelly on the skin before you get the jewels of fantasy.
Although the previous Council here was more useful for me I leave you as perhaps TI serve you:
1 takes the necklace you are going to use and apply transparent tape on the side of the back.
You can implement the daily use of creams for skin allergies to soften the itching.
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