Tips for the Care of Corduroy Clothing

Corduroy is a thick, similar to velvet, but corrugated, tissue that is made with cotton and is composed by a ligament of entangled wires that usually form a very characteristic vertical slits.

Tips for the Care of Corduroy Clothing

Found in pants or jackets and is used in the winter clothing because its thickness provides a warmth that makes it more appropriate for that season of the year. It was initially developed for work clothes thanks to the warmth and robustness of the tissue.

How To Wash Clothes Of Corduroy?

Corduroy clothing can be washed in washing machine since they are very sturdy fabrics. But first check the garment label, some items like the pana American can not be washed because the liner shrink according to OPELIKAFASHION.

Turn the garment inside out to protect it during the wash and wash it separated from the rest of the clothing, is a fabric which easily attracts Lint and fibres to be missed.Program a gentle cycle using cold water and wash with Norit machine, which takes care of the appearance and the color of the fibers always keeping them soft.

When you hand wash your corduroy clothing, you don’t click on them or rub them with hardness. Always wash them with cold water and, once you’re finished, shake them to make wrinkles disappear.

You can dry your clothes of corduroy in the dryer, although it is possible that it is wrinkled if you leave it too long. In that case, you iron the garment by placing a cloth between the hot surface and the piece of clothing to protect the tissue. You can also hang corduroy clothes in your bathroom to get to steam wrinkles disappear.