To London on Sale? These Are The Best Areas to Get a Bargain.

January is synonymous with sales and the great cities of the world shopping are the batteries to offer the best to customers traveling to them. London is one of our favorite, We have it shot of low-cost flight and it can be a good opportunity for us with a last minute bargain. But, where do we have to go? These are the nine main areas of the British capital purchases

Triangle Oxford Street, Regent Street, New Bond Street

The mother of the Lamb of all shopping areas. Oxford Street is the more commercial, with Department classic stores such as Selfridges, John Lewis and House of Frasier, While New Bond Street and Regent tend more to the luxury, and are the ideal place to find the flagships of our favorite brands.


Take us where a break between shopping? If lunch we caught between shopping, what better way to bring us closer to the Golden Union, which they say is the best local fish & chips in the city.

A hotel: Few better places occur to us to beat us a real luxury to Claridge’s, the Mayfair and the British traditional flavor. Essential to drink the tea in the!

And if you want a little close tourism? There are so many places to visit in the surroundings of these streets that it is impossible to stay with only one: Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Soho, Chinatown…

Carnaby Street

Yes, we know that Carnaby Street is part, Oxford-Regent-New Bond triangle somewhat, but our favorite street of London deserves an own chapter. If only the omnipresent liberty, that invades the streets from all angles. But also by the small shops of fashion accessories and halfway between the modern and the cuqui.


Take us where a break between shopping? Carnaby is rife with English traditional bars and avant-garde premises. We are left with O ‘Neill’s, where you can enjoy its wide selection of beers and their delicious hot dogs.

A hotel: Courthouse Hotel, a hotel complete with pool, spa, restaurants and a short walk from Carnaby.

And if you want a little close tourism? The same places that we talked about in the previous point, although, in Carnaby, It is possible to spend an afternoon just watching the street decoration.

Westfield London

Westfield London is the Mall of malls, the big bet of the city in this shopping model. With overwhelming dimensions, in it we can find from firms more high street to the great international designers. If we are more fans to East London, there is also the Westfield Stratford.


Take us where a break between shopping? Shopping centres tend to highlight by offering lots of fast food and food chain. It can be a good opportunity to taste the food of one of the London classic, Jamie Oliver, Jamie completo Italian.

A hotel: Very close to the shopping centre, Dorsett Shepherd’s Bush boasts spa, restaurants, bars and all services to relax after shopping.

And if you want a little close tourism? Shepherd’s Bush is away from the Centre of London, so the tourist options diminish, but between the Mall itself and the Shepherd’s Bush Market, sure we can entertain a couple of days.

Covent Garden

If we are looking for a single purchase, those that we will say with pride “I brought it from LondonĀ», the area of Covent Garden is the perfect place. Covent Garden Market both in the hundreds of small shops in the surrounding streets or places as original as Neal completo Yard, we will find those unique to slightly less prohibitive prices than in season details.


Take us where a break between shopping? Balthazar London is the ideal choice in the area. Two steps away from the market, with its delicious French cuisine, menu of the day, a broad timetable and affordable prices.

A hotel: The Strand Palace Hotel, on the Strand, one of the liveliest streets of London, that will leave us in a few minutes in Trafalgar Square.

And if you want a little close tourism? The Apple Market, the Museum of transport or, of course, a work or a musical at one of the theatres of the West End.

Spitalfields and Shoreditch

We left the more traditional London and go to that alternative London that was created to the East of Liverpool Street station. Street of Brick Lane or Petticoat-markets live now surrounded by independent shops and, increasingly, by large firms in traditional (though always passed through the filter of the alternative).


Take us where a break between shopping? There isn’t a better place to try exotic food that this area, in their markets or any of many locals in the area of Brick Lane, for example, at the Indian restaurant Aladdin.

A hotel: Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, a hotel design in keeping with the neighborhood, filled with punk references and a very alternative interior design.

And if you want a little close tourism? A tour by the Graffiti in the neighborhood It is the most original choice, but if you prefer something more classic, we can walk towards the River, passing through Monument, the Church of St Dunstan-in-the-East or the Leadenhall Market.


Who says Knightsbridge says Harrods, although… There is much more in this area of West London where to find something to buy on sale. Can we not find great bargains, but it is that we are talking about the most posh London: luxury in which Miss shops and the best known store in the city department.


Take us where a break between shopping? Harvey Nichols restaurant is a classic of the afternoon of shopping in Knightsbridge. They are rumors that was the favorite of Princess Diana.

A hotel: The Beaufort, classic elegance within walking distance of Harrods.

And if you want a little close tourism? A little walk walk to Harrods, we have the Museum of Natural history, wonderful for its content, the Victorian building that houses it and… because it’s free.

Camden Town

There is no complete visit to London without a pass by Camden. If we want to find the real bargain, best avoided on weekends, when the area is invaded of tourists who want to know the market. Camden is the perfect place to buy everything what may seem too rare or punk, but that it is probably of fashion in our cities within a couple of years.


Take us where a break between shopping? Camden is another super classic from the food of the most remote places in the world, but better run away from more populated areas around the market. A perfect choice is the Greek food of Andy completo Greek Taverna, one of the city’s top-rated restaurants.

A hotel: Holiday Inn London Camden Lock is at the heart of Camden market and overlooking the sluice. Impossible to stay in a more central location in Camden.

And if you want a little close tourism? The area of Camden Lock already gives for a day of sightseeing in itself, only to note, for example, their facades, but if we decide to venture a little further, we can reach the environment of Regent’s Park.

Notting Hill

Immortalized forever thanks to Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, the Notting Hill neighborhood offers wonders for shopping lovers. Since the Portobello Road Market on Saturdays, a kind of version of high-end street-markets, to the high street of Westbourne Grove shops. And all this, in the midst of its Victorian houses painted in colors. Ideal.


Take us where a break between shopping? Notting Hill is the London realm of brunch and there are many places that offer it. One of the best is Granger & Co., specializing in Australian cuisine.

A hotel: The Laslett, an affordable five-star within walking distance of the metro.

And if you want a little close tourism? From Notting Hill, can bring us closer to the area west of Hyde Park, with the Palace and the gardens of Kensington and the Princess Diana memorial.

Canary Wharf

The city of London not only has skyscrapers and offices of the largest companies in the world. Also account with Canary Wharf Shopping, a huge Center commercial open seven days a week and that, contrary to the usual, is much quieter on weekend, When the mass of workers in the area does not approaching there. Perfect to buy the most common sales of low-cost shops and some of the names in luxury that welcomes.


Take us where a break between shopping? Canary Wharf is fraught with local food fast, more or less elaborate, since that tends to be the option chosen by the people who work in the area. We can opt, for example, by a London classic: Garfunkel’s, with a wide selection and competitive prices.

A hotel: The Canary Riverside Plaza Hotel, an affordable luxury during weekends.

And if you want a little close tourism? Canary Wharf is the ideal place to cross the Thames and approaching the lovely area of Greenwich.

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