Travel, “Vintage” Clothing and Recycled Paper: Tips for Inspiration

A trip to Namibia inspired our columnist, which recommend us, in addition, a site to buy ‘vintage’, bags for recycling clothes and decorative elements for the office.

ravel, “Vintage” Clothing and Recycled Paper Tips for Inspiration

Black market is a very special alternative space of clothing vintage, designed for people that we don’t want to be obvious with what we wear and appreciate the power of communication that has the clothes.

In this place, each piece has been carefully selected different markets and fairs in cities such as Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Miami, New York and Shanghai. It is important to differentiate very well that vintage refers to used clothing and retro, clothing and accessories inspired in former times.

In addition, black market offers a second line of clothing rental business to meet the needs of fashion, costume designers, students of photography professionals, producers and photographers.
Address: Carrera 15 # 84-24, local 203, Bogotá.
Cell phone: 301-6948-391.

I just got a wonderful country, Namibia. There you will find the oldest desert in the world, formed by a sea of Red dunes towering, around 300 meters. a few White dry lakes where lie inert acacias resembling black skeletons in the dry Esplanade. It is a landscape that seems taken from a painting by Salvador Dalí and where the reddish leaves you mesmerized.

I was also in the natural park of Etosha, meaning the great white place. Here the landscape is varied, from desert to Savannah, passing through forests and large dry salt lakes. In addition, the numerous natural springs attract a variety of African wildlife. Both the sunrises and the sunsets are recorded in the retina and in the soul.


As an easier way and practice of helping our recyclers in Bogota, comes this model successfully used in cities such as London and Montevideo. Recyclable waste are accumulated in Orange bags, so that they can be identified easily – in this way, do not need to break them or tear them. The bags come in a box; There are three kits and some include the dump and the payment of the home.

Recyclers working in this program receive training, help them to pay their social security, to better educate their children and will provide them with tools such as gloves and uniforms. It is a good way to contribute to the benefit of the life of 20.000 recyclers.


Ice cream is a creative Colombian company specialized in the design of stationery, Desk accessories and everyday collectibles. Inspired by the sweet of our towns and our cities Street carts, Natalia Vanegas, its founder, began to publicize their products with a tent pop up in an ice cream cart. Erasers, pencils, books and notebooks began to wander about fairs and events throughout the city, alongside creative workshops and crafts, emblem of the brand, and passion of Natalia. Today, ice cream has a creative team of engineers, designers and communicators, with the best ideas to fill the spaces of work and study of the sweet more cool and fun. Online store: our site. Instagram: @heladodenata.