Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Metallic All Colours

If you like a risky fashion, the kind that breaks barriers, the metallic trend It is yours. On the catwalk we have seen many bright looks, Since most formal suits to the more original designs that you can imagine. And best of all, speak of non-metallic is just talking about silver and gold … is a very wide variety of colors would like to see them?



Blumarine, and more specifically its creator Anna Molinara, bets on color splash in all possible ranges. Pastels in pink, blue or violet, to garish fluors, with a style very had and enlightens, based Hyper Lycra pants tight and shiny, trench coats and skirts Ultra-metalizadas, only suitable for the most daring. See metallic glow even in the footwear.



Even more classic signature of all opts for this fashion. The distinguished elegance of Chanel it becomes modern and avant-garde and his classics are reinvented with futuristic touches. Karl Lagerfeld it delights us with a collection inspired by the minerals and minerals glow with certain flashes, as each of the pieces of his winter collection. The metallic effect is missing in its classic coats, dresses and even coats.

Miu Miu


Miu Miu opt for the clearly masculine style with serious and boring trouser suits. The Americans are crossed and large, nothing female, urquesa, Orange, blue, Brown or purple. All with fabrics with certain shiny effect that personally do not you convince me nothing.



Most striking designs of fabrics metallized in bright colors such as Fuchsia or blue klein are the proposals of Moschino, that remind me of the Carrie Bradshaw outfits in their dinners in New York sex.



Inspired by the Art Nouveau ceramics Swedish artist Willhelm Kage, Rochas makes a clear concession to the Dorado all versions of Brocade garments and Jacquard.

Matthew Williamson bicoloured very skilled workers mixed with gold and glitter and dresses designs shows us with certain hippie touch but with the futuristic air. A very successful combination that gets divine cocktail dresses.

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