Trends in Jewelry Biogenesis, the Origin of Life

By Pineda Damian

In these times of increasing dematerialisation, the search for a better way of living leads us to reconnect with nature and the origins of life. Green is the quintessence of the nature; It is an ideology, a way of life. Environmental consciousness is, love of nature and, at the same time, rejection of a society dominated by technology. The center of fashion information for jewelry of Industrias Peñoles (CIMJ) directed by Mónica Benítez, presented as each year trends in jewelry by 2014.

Trends in Jewelry Biogenesis, the Origin of Life
The Velaria of the Palace of iron of Polanco was transformed into a veritable museum where the green color, variety of plants and organic material welcomed more than 500 guests. A vertical Garden was the gateway to the exhibition of jewelry pieces that represented each of the trends on this occasion. Night spent in a cool environment, where the silver was undoubtedly the protagonist.

Jewellers, designers, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders gathered to learn about the proposals of the CIMJ, presenting this 2014 under the name of Biogenesis, the origin of life. The purpose of the CIMJ consists of satisfying the need of the second end use of the value chain: jewelry. It is with this action, which kicks off the project give value-added to precious metals produced by Peñoles: gold and silver. The CIMJ highlighted considerably, since it is not common that a mining company has a division that is actively involved in the world of jewelry, design and fashion according to ANDYEDUCATION.COM.

The CIMJ is unique internationally, its objectives include: communicate for jewelry fashion trends, as well as to advise designers, craftsmen, manufacturers and marketers so that their products can operate competitively in the international area. Currently, it is considered as the main driver of the jewelry design in silver in Mexico. As a platform for launch of new values, it is undoubtedly the best choice to present the creations of Mexican talent.


Concept: Our roots become raw material for contemporary aesthetics: a reflection of an era with a thirst for authenticity, rootedness and vitality. Suggested forms: Organic, corsages, roots, geometric shapes inspired by nature, open works, leaves, spines, seeds and sprouts.


Concept: New aesthetics and unusual perspectives about living beings are discovering the shaded regions of an extraordinary natural world. Suggested forms: Atoms, spheres, bubbles, curves, molecules, clusters, agglomerates, viruses, bacteria, cells, organisms seen by a microscope, x-ray, and skeletons.


Concept: Arise new behaviors based on fields that emerge from a State of mind that praises the autonomy and the interaction between craftsmanship and design. Suggested forms: mechanical, nuts, screws, gears, robots, wheels, spirals, rustic, compasses, instruments, and tools.


Concept: Celebrate itself as an antidote to the usual. Fill the void that surrounds us, illuminating the obvious and the banal glamorous touches. Suggested forms: Curves enconchadas, dramatic styles, bold forms, sculpted volumes, marcos, opulence, aristocracy and organic majestic.