Trends Low-Cost Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Black and White Life Need Not Be Boring

When I think in black and white the first thing that comes to mind are these silent films, old my grandparents watched incessantly. But if I apply it to fashion, black and white is a couple is always there present and that never abandons us. Today (and applied to real life) would be as the partner of the most stable social panorma of the moment. It is true that there are combinations that are of more importance, but none of these last many years in a row. And we must prepare for this couple promises to be present throughout the next season Spring-summer 2013.

Made in Zara

Zara It is a land of trends, therefore we will find one great selection of garments What we are looking for. But today we look at their clothes and have found many very different options among themselves but with a particular characteristic: all are presented in black and white.

  • Dress with combined steering wheel, 59.95 EUR.
  • Dress with blouse built-in, 39.95 euro.
  • Dress with white lining and Black Lace, 35,95 EUR.

The B represents Bershka

But if we want to think in the next season, We know that apart from this colour combination, the stripes and the moles will flood the stores. For this reason Bershka It does not hesitate to bring a selection of blouses where combined stripes, moles and overlays are present at all times.

  • Blouse with polka dots and to layers, 17,99 EUR.
  • Shirt to combined stripes, 19.99 EUR.
  • Shirt to moles, 17,99 EUR.

Handle climbing stairs

If there is a pattern very linked to this couple’s color is the houndstooth. Each two seasons returns with force but never just take off. Bet on the handle and do it in their skirts: minis or tube, all of them are presented with this mythical print. If I have to choose one I stay with the large stamping: I like how they feel and that difficult vintage air.

  • Miniskirt patterned houndstooth, 19.99 EUR.
  • Pencil skirt patterned houndstooth, 25,99 EUR.
  • Miniskirt with micro stamping houndstooth, 25,99 EUR.

Stamped by Topshop

The British firm Topshop It has a not is what makes that all their clothes is recognize at sight. For this season the brand wanted to apply this trend that today we are talking about in a wide range of shirts to Harbor us the more cold days winter. What do you prefer?

  • Wool Sweater with touches that They imitate the lace, 55 euros.
  • Jersey with print rococo, 49 euros.
  • Hairy Jersey striped, 55 euros.

White goes for add-ins

But if this trend you like to the extent and you want to give only that touch to your final outfit, perhaps the best thing is that you bet by add-ins. And one of them may be the bag, so the Spanish firm White offers us a variety of evening bags in order to hand in the form of clutch or put it on our shoulders.

  • On two-tone with a Golden stripe in the Middle, 22.99 EUR.
  • Bag type above with print of houndstooth, 17,99 EUR.
  • Tote bag striped, 12,99 EUR.