Trendy Combination of Sandals and Socks

The sandals are the most feminine and elegant shoes that a woman can wear, but who said that feature only in the summer? If the arrival of the first cold you thought for a moment to finally put your sandals, you made a big mistake because the sandals worn with socks on sight will be very trendy this winter . The combination is unusual and can not be very attractive especially in the eyes of the boys, but allows us to wear our favorite shoes even in the winter when temperatures start to become more rigid.

The trend really like a star and fashion bloggers who have not missed an opportunity to show off their precious sandals with socks and socks in sight. Socks declined in a multitude of colors and patterns, enriched with pearls, precious stones or studs, even white terry socks: in the lastmonth fashion we have seen all kinds with both casual pairings with nicest outfits.

To avoid the “German tourist on vacation” it is important to choose the right look and prefer a pair of high-heeled sandals to the most comfortable flat sandals. The combination sandals + socks is incredibly chic with midi and pencil skirt, dresses above the knee and palazzo pants but can be vulgar in combination with skirts and shorts.

Unfortunately, this trend is not for all: not appreciate her legs and tends to shorten them, so if you have long legs and wiry can dare wearing socks that reach the ankle; but if you are tall you opt for a pair of Parisian, slanceranno your figure!