Turn a Scratched Vinyl Record into a Vintage Petisqueira

Credits: disclosure

Container made from recycled vinyl disc can be used in several ways

Turn a Scratched Vinyl Record into a Vintage Petisqueira

The old vinyl record that is all scratched or has songs that do not please, can be reused as a raw material to make a functional container. The decorating object besides being creative is useful and can be used as petisqueira, fruit bowl, pot for plants or simply as a bowl.

To make the vintage container is very simple and economical, it takes only a few minutes and few materials. Anyone who does not have the vinyl record can buy it in a sebum according to vintageinconfidential.


– A vinyl record;
– Baking tray;
– Container that can be baked;
– Thermal glove for oven.

How to make


1) On the baking sheet place the container upside down and on top of it the vinyl record. Preheat oven to 200 ° C for 8 to 10 minutes.
2) Remove from the oven with the gloves and while the vinyl is hot and malleable mold it on bowl. Do this before the material cools down completely.
3) If you prefer to place the vinyl still warm inside a bowl to shape it more easily. If the vinyl hardens before being molded, return it to the oven.