Uncategorized and ARTE Fashion Week Starting Monday!

The weekend is imminent, Nike and I could keep already no longer silent feet and tadaa, the weather gets worse in time. Don’t worry, it let’s not ruin our good mood, because…

Today evening comes’s first on to Kreuzberg, more specifically in the Hasenheide 11 where there is to look at Boulevard, rissoles and grain the latest collection of pussy Kreuzberg. Are in the Union, namely to strike’s also a due Adtershow party, also dance of victims of called on which hopefully meet you and together you want to bounce around.

Tomorrow, so we would have to move actually dringends Saturday, in the old country. There is indeed great sale! The online store „ Can You keep A secret “offers you beautiful clothes in the retro and vintage-style at the Studio in the Gladbach Straße 49.
50% off – means that you actually not long should consider whether or not it has time. The 600 km distance are however but a large travel and girlfriends must be sent.

When: Saturday, February 26 from 11 am until 8 pm
Where: Gladbach Strabe 49, Cologne

Sunday is’s something cozy. Take a day off, a good book or drinking coffee and tea with your loved ones. So strict regulation: stay at home or at the best!

But Monday will be’s exciting again correctly for all fashion aficionados: the fashion week at ARTE is at the ready and waiting for you with quite wonderful program. „ on the occasion of the prêt à-Porter fashion shows in Paris kidnapped ARTE viewers a week in the glamorous world of fashion. Karl Lagerfeld presents the ARTE fashion week and throws his personal views on the program. “

we are already mighty excited and looking forward not only to Sofia of Coppola’s „ Marie Antoinette “!

Is the ARTE schedule at a glance’s here.

Good weekend, dear ones!





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