Vintage Home Decor Wins Cool and Turns

Preserves history and reform brings to this House in design pieces, mix of prints and textures
The District of Brooklyn, New York, offers some sorts who ventures in the camp, as in the case of a property that seems to have stopped in the 19 century, a completely renovated industrial shed and this House in Prospect Park, a real find: the five-story building remained unique for a century, at which time it belonged to the same family.

t was time, so, the 483 m ² if you come back to the future with the Office designElizabeth Roberts, in partnership with Red Hook and Made Architecture.
To not erase history, the enormous frames of doors, Windows and the valuable panelingwere only restored to celebrate the ages for which passed.
Elizabeth mixed new and mid-century, introducing design pieces that rejoice and give life to the spaces. The Triad light fixtures (at dinner), Clouds (in the room) and Vanity Sconce(in the bathroom), released by the Studio Apparatus in 2015, are proof of that according to a2zwallstickers.
Vintage floral Geometries and ethnic prints are a mix hype, never dated or possible to define in a single style. “The selection was made with support from the owners,” says Elizabeth alongside Patrick Ryan, co-author of the project.
If some of the environments are more sober, with darker Woods , others appear clear, as the kitchen and the suites – a walk which is curious among the best of the past and the present.