Wardrobe Cornerstones – Cashmere Sweater

One of the most beautiful elements of the male wardrobe is in our opinion cashmere sweater. Whether one likes a tailored or casual style, there is definitely something for everyone. From a super thin cashmere turtleneck in the same tone as his dark suit or perhaps a thicker ribbed crew neck over an oxford shirt and jeans in the country.

The two most common arguments against the cashmere is both sensitivity and not least the price. Two fully plausible arguments, but at the same time does not need to be exaggerated.

Sensitivity is obviously larger than the example Merino wool cashmere but is still excellent to wash. Drain the lukewarm water in a sink or bathtub and place the shirt so that the whole is covered with water. Squeeze gently sweater to loosen any dirt. Then place the sweater on a towel laid out and roll the towel around it to dry it.

Note Knitted garments should never hang to dry (or hang at all) as they risk losing the shape of the shoulders.

The most vulnerable part of a cashmere sweater is probably the elbows. This area is exposed to direct wear, whether you are sitting at a school desk or desktop. Are you aware, however, this wear and tear is repaired before there is a hole and going really well, there is always the option to sew elbow patches.

Price argument is also fully reasonable and good cashmere costs. In general, though, the man with much else get what you pay for. The cheapest options from budget operators have much shorter fiber and often have been pre-washed for a softer feel. The risk that the sweater will noppra is clearly imminent with shorter fibers. Sometimes it may therefore be a better investment to spend a little more money in a sensible product from a specialist in the area when it will most likely stay stylish and comfortable longer.

Then there is of course the absolute premium, for example, baby cashmere or extremely thin knit sweaters that have a great feeling, but where price often exceeds affordability.

We have listed some personal favorite models in different price ranges.