Wardrobe Cornerstones – Jeans

Today, the wardrobe Cornerstones with a little more casual but oh so natural part of the male wardrobe. Whether you wear them in the garden or to the party so jeans are a natural part of today’s society and we argue that the correct version is the ideal also for blazer.

In what is commonly referred to as classic men’s fashion, there are many opponents of the jeans. These are the same individuals who chanted against the brown shoes in town and to wear sneakers to something other than tennis. According to us, the world looks different today. It is by no means a reason to exclude black shoes and formal garments from our wardrobe but it is at the same time as natural to integrate casual garments like jeans and sneakers for some moments in everyday life.

We are not saying that you need to combine his black suit jacket in fine wool with a pair of stone-washed jeans, but for example, a pair of dark selvedge jeans in raw denim with a coarse tweed or flannel jacket provides both free and well-dressed appearance.

Our ambition our site is not to write exclusively about tailoring as jacket, shirt or tie. We would rather focus on quality goes to prioritize whether you choose denim or flannel pants. A pair of well-made jeans in raw denim must not unlike a pair of quality shoes, their patina wearer use and prettier with age.

Model-wise, there are almost as many passports forms manufacturer and want to combine jeans with a jacket, we recommend investing in a model with slightly higher waist and skip the very narrowest section.

We realize that we are far from any denim demons here on our site and therefore leaves the technical to the more familiar. One thing is for sure anyway… No wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of jeans.

We have selected a few different models that we like a little extra.

We think there are plenty of examples of men who wear jeans to jackets in an extraordinary way, which means we have chosen to highlight some inspiration.