Wardrobe Cornerstones – The Dark Suit

One of the questions we get most often is what one should focus on if only to take a suit. The optimal garment that fits in so many situations and formal contexts as possible. The answer is the dark suit in thin wool.

Our first thought of today’s article was to specify it more than only a color but we quickly realized that it is rather a matter of personal taste. If you prefer dark blue, or black antacitgrått is up to each one, but there are of course pros and cons of all the options.

So what does the term “dark suit”?

The dress code of the same name aimed at a suit in a dark tone of blue, gray or black possibly even if the latter is mainly associated with the funeral. The dress code is aimed at more than just the suit and includes a white shirt, black shoes (preferably oxfords) and a sober patterned tie.

It is not only the hue at play. Even kostymens materials is crucial to the formal level. For an event with dress code “dark suit” are suitable, for example, is not available choose fabrics like cotton, linen or tweed especially good. Instead, we recommend investing in a thin wool quality or even with elements of silk or mohair for added luster.

The dark suit should be minimally patterned and instead of glen check and windowpane-boxes, we recommend a discreet Birdseye- or herringbone pattern if you want to get a bit more texture and fabric. Although pinstripe suits can be great looking, they fit better in work than on formal celebrations and the subtle chalk, the formal sense.

If you choose a blue suit, it is a spectrum between dark blue and midnight blue that apply. Medium blue suits can be very neat but for this kind of events, it is the darker the scale in force. Dark Blue is a very harmonious shade that suits most skin tones and is relatively easy to match with other colors. Our personal favorite choice for these costumes are ties in bottle green or burgundy.

The crimp terminals black shoes work well with dark blue suit. There is a misconception that there would be a breach of style to combine these two shades, which according to us is nonsense as the combination dark blue suit and black oxfords been a matter of course most of the 1900s. We believe that even if the dress code technologically says black shoes today there is scope to also wear dark brown, burgundy or oxblodsfärgade oxfords to dark blue suit.

If you choose a gray suit, the feel is often little more stripped down. It feels a medium gray shade more acceptable and we recommend cold tones in slipsväg. Our personal favorite to the gray suit is the dark blue tie. The crimp terminals do usually black shoes best but also burgundy is a great choice.

Should you buy a dark suit to be worn in more formal contexts, it may be a good idea to think of some of kostymens details. Classic pockets are preferable to patch pockets, it will not hurt a bit more structured design of the axle and the spacer and the jacket and the pants length makes often good in a little more traditional construction. One can definitely wear the pants without a break, but the shortest length and narrowest silhouettes do often better in an informal context.