Wardrobe Cornerstones – the Off-white Pants

There are few garments that better represents the spring and summer than a pair of white pants. A garment that can provide an incredible elegance, but also a lot of problems. We have looked at how we find a pair of white pants to be, what to consider when buying a pair, as well as some examples of how nicely it actually can be.

There are two major challenges according to us with white pants. Partly sensitivity to dirt, stains and similar but also quite large Contrast formed against other garment trim.

Both these challenges will be considerably less if you choose a pair of pants in an off-white, cream or off-white shade. Where to draw the line between light beige and off-white is of course difficult to say but only by avoiding the stark white tone usually wearing facilitated significantly.

Although we think that the style rules that “You never wear white pants between Labor Day and Easter” is extremely outdated so you can not question the fact that the white pants prime time is summer. The bright hue helps to reflect sunlight and give the wearer cool and bright times associated naturally with lighter clothing.

Subject material on a pair of white pants, there are two options that we think is best for the summer. Cotton that is a little stiffer nature often gives a fairly clean cases and reduces flutter. There is also a free material that suits the casual pant excellent. However, the cotton fabric is quite compact, which means that it can feel quite hot during the peak summer season also in white.

Option two is linen. Here you get a wonderful coolness and thanks to the structure of the linen will not pant as “flat” as a smoother fabric. The disadvantage of linen is that it has a strong tendency to wrinkle and requires quite continuous ironing to hold and form creases. Meanwhile linen in its nature a free fabric and its crumpled something many rather appreciate the material.

White pants are one of the true classics of the male wardrobe and can not really be matched with almost any color in the rest of the upholstery. One of the most common combinations are, for example, white pants with a navy blue blazer and white or light blue shirt. We prefer, however, when the contrasts in the upholstery becomes somewhat smaller and find the white pants do the very best but a brightly colored blazer eg beige, brown or green. This gives a sober sense of wholeness and the pants do not stand out as much of the upholstery.

Regarding the model and fit is of course highly individual and we understand of course that let måttsy or customize a pair of white pants for many is unreasonable when the use period is relatively short. At the same time, one can see it as a pair of pants to buy for many years and the difference in price between custom-made pants (sometimes even customized) and clothing pants are clearly smaller than in the jackets. A pair of fairly sensible clothing pants costs often around 1500-2500 SEK while a couple måttsyda usually go on about 2000-3000 SEK. The great advantage of this is that you do not have to compromise on the details and then white is a color which tone or hue is crucial, it may be worth premiumet to choose precisely the right material and hue.