Wardrobe Cornerstones – The Perfect Overcoat

The next part in our series on the wardrobe Cornerstones winter’s most important garment: overcoat. An overcoat as stylish in simple-like double-breasted design. Whether you go in costume or collage shirts, an overcoat in the proper execution be the perfect investment for many winters to come.

What is a really neat Paleta then? According to us it is a length anywhere from mid-thigh to just below the knee of the wearer. As we wrote in the preamble are both single and double-breasted a great choice depending on the feeling or style you are after.

Choices pockets can actually make quite a big difference to the perceived feeling and want to have such a casual rock as possible is often påsfickor or Patch Pockets  preferable.

A darker fabric is usually a little more forgiving to both dirt as a winter pale skin but bright tones such as beige, brown or gray are still incredibly stylish on an overcoat.


Material selection is always a challenge. A coarser basull will always be more durable than kashmirväv but depending on the area and climate, the choice of fabric vary enormously.

Is it a rock for the Swedish winter should, in our opinion investing in a fairly heavy weight at least up to 500gr / m when we all certainly can agree that the temperature plunges in January / February.

The advantage of a heavier rock is that you can stay warm without having lots of layers underneath and then we usually have relatively well-heated office space needs to be more or less just take off his coat when you get inside the door.

If you live in a climate with mild winters, but heavy rainfall is perhaps a thinner overcoat with water repellent properties to be preferred, and focus on more layers underneath.

We have selected a few personal favorites on the market and the inspiration for the perfect overcoat can look.