What Is the Difference between Shirt and Social Shirt Casual

This question was sent in by a reader a few days ago, but it is not the first time someone asks about the difference between shirt and social shirt casual, since at times the characteristics are not easily discernible, which can generate a certain insecurity in some men at the time of purchase. Below we show an X-ray of the types of men’s shirts, and how to identify them.

What Is the Difference between Shirt and Social Shirt Casual

Shirt features social

Ideal for use with suits and customs, she has a beautiful drape, elegance and gives anyone that look professional and formal, it’s no wonder that is always present in the costumes chosen for important events. See what are its main features:

  • The collar is always stiff, starched*, even in the american model, the one with the buttons holding the ends, which is not so formal, but it is accepted in environments that are more liberal, in the other the indispensable fin placed at the end of the collar ensures that it does not lose its shape.
  • The cuffs are also polished, and may be closed by 1 or 2 buttons, or in the case of the double cuff for cufflinks;
  • Until a short time ago the shirts social were always smooth, today we can find models striped, poa, microestampa or checkered patterns as well discrete;
  • The colors vary, as well as the tones, but the ideal for working out are clear, in addition to the white shirt, which is practically mandatory;
  • The tissues the most common are the cotton (particularly for the pima and egyptian), tricoline, oxford, oxfordine and Chambray. Also appear in the false, smooth, the fabrics whose weave forms a pattern, such as herringbone, for example;
  • When you have pockets, are always flat (stoned), because the volume is not accepted in this type of shirt;
  • Props such as chains, martingales and dragonas are not part of the shirt social, a maximum of you will find a small embroidered at chest height.
  • Are usually a little longer than the casual to stay more securely when placed on the inside of the pants;
  • The buttons are almost always made of mother of pearl (or imitation material), small, discrete, and neutral.

To identify with easily: check the collar and cuffs and the fabric.

Hint – Formal, but not both.

The shirt the social can escape the formal attire and create combinations more stripped down, without losing the elegance. It also works very well with trousers chino, and even the casual jeans. Accessories such as the bow tie or suspenders make the look more fun, try it out!


Characteristics of the casual shirt

  • The collar and the cuffs do not need to be hard*;
  • Casual shirts never have double handles;
  • It is possible to find them with the most diverse fabrics, among them cotton, linen, twill, gauze, denim, chambray and flannel;
  • The twill black make the style rocker, the linen clarinhas are perfect for the casual look of summer, that is, there are no limitations of colors and tones, it all depends on your style;
  • The prints range from small with symbols nautical and micro patterns, even with large chess and tropical print;
  • As are commonly used on the outside of the pants may be a little shorter, ending between the half and the second third of the hip or even shorter, as is the case of the “camisetes”, in this way they prevent the legs look more short;
  • The pockets may be flat, or more bulky, especially in models with a footprint military the woodcutter;
  • Props such as dragonas, martingales and regalia are welcome and help to give the air of casual;
  • The buttons may be mother of pearl, metal, pressure, and imitation of wood or bone, sometimes calling a lot of attention.

To easily identify: pay attention to the fabrics, buttons, props, prints and large patterns.

Tip – on the inside or outside?

Despite the casual style and relaxed, you can wear this shirt inside of the pants and on some occasions, especially when you are using a blazer over the top. If you want to do the same with the visual of the summer, with shorts and a topsider, no problem, just take care to not stay with the face of the CDF, loosen a few buttons, add some accessories and relax!


*Note: when we speak of starched-collar, we are in fact citing the collars rigid and have an interlining in the inside that the leaves structured and elegant.