What Shoes Bring Pants Type “Chinese”?

If you are looking to dress casual but at the same time a formal, light, fresh, stylish elegance and versatility, say hello to the “Chinese” type pants. Yes, the Chinese are those pants you can use any day and for any occasion, for office or on weekends. With a touch more attractive than jeans; the Chinese come in a variety of cuts, colors and styles. Here are 3 ways to wear your pants “Chinese” type with the correct footwear.

What Shoes Bring Pants Type “Chinese”

Chinese Red

Dress with a red color Chinese is an experiment in fashion for many of us. If you dare to walk along this line, you can be sure that you will find a dozen of ways to combine them; for a night of partying with friends or for a formal dinner with the family.

Your “Chinese” will look great with a pair of white footwear, also will be very good with a classic black or blue. A few Brown or black chukkas under your Red Chinese and these ready-to-wear style any day.

Chinese blue

You can create a formal look so effortlessly combining type trousers “Chinese” blue with dark blue sporty shoes. The suede loafers are also fashion with blue jeans. Alternatively, make your style with a pair of grey leather shoes.

Chinese color Khaki

This color in the “Chinese” pants go very much agree with black or brown shoes. But for more style, you can combine them with shoes orange or red. To create a relaxed look can be achieved with a few Chinese color khaki and white shoes, they will be very simple but elegant at the same time.

Chinese grey

You can wear a gray Chinese to go to the office or to enjoy a week-end, creating an urban look with the least effort. A few white or red loafers will look simple and stylish under your grey pantalon.

Dare to experiment and let your accessories speak if same.