What to Wear Leggings with in Winter

Leggings – a great accessory that does not appear so long ago in our country – in 1985. In those days, leggings were fastened cloth lining of the feet or warmer socks that can be worn over shoes. Despite the fact that the history of this accessory has its roots in the times not so distant, leggings during its existence, has undergone significant changes. In today’s market is a huge selection of socks – a variety of colors, materials, designs, styles – choose from what is really there. Contemporary fashion woman wearing leggings as shoe upper and underneath leggings combined with different clothes.

The apparent advantage of gaiters is their versatility – this article of clothing can be quite harmoniously fit in almost any style, be it classical, romantic, sports or, say, a rocker … but only if you will be able to choose the right socks if you can properly take other clothes leggings of ClothesBliss will make a single coherent ensemble.

So the first thing to decide on the most appropriate model for your gaiters. To do this, you first need to evaluate objectively the figure, the length and shape of your feet.

So, if you think your legs too thin, it is best to choose a tight leggings, which visually add volume to your feet, especially if you combine leggings with boots and colorful tights.

If you own a full legs, it is best to choose dark leggings light knitted or wedge with a vertical pattern.

Leggings with horizontal model will look great just the winner of the long thin legs, as this pattern visually make the legs shorter.

If we consider the combination of leggings and footwear, in this connection, that there is virtually no restrictions on the designer’s fantasy. Leggings look great with high heels, making the image more elegant, stylish, feminine. Getty will be a great addition and sneakers, with emphasis on the active, sporty image. A perfect blend socks also boots, shoes, boots – combining leggings and shoes of different styles you can achieve a variety of effects, so do not be afraid to experiment while working on his way.

Thus, with any type of shoe sock can be worn in various ways. For example, if you combine monochromatic leggings and boots, it is best to wear socks in shoes, and they should be higher than 10-15 cm boots, peering from beneath the peaks. If you combine leggings with boots or shoes, it is best to wear socks so that they are either almost touching the heel, or it is completely closed. Will leggings accordion or distribute them evenly along the entire length of the legs – you decide, but it must be borne in mind that leggings gathered accordion, will visually complete legs, so it’s ideal for girls with skinny legs.

Another important point what a combination of items of clothing leggings. In this connection, you can fantasize stringent bans virtually no, but some rules still need to know.

So, leggings can be a great addition to tunics, dresses, skirts, overalls, shorts, shorts, jeans. But only if you will be able to choose the right socks for a particular outfit.

Thus, for example, if you want to wear knit leggings, they are best combined with knitted things – it could be sweaters, cardigans, knitted dresses. Highlight the beauty of your knitted gaiters and other accessories – knit hat or scarf. Particularly impressive ensemble would look like if all the parts are made in one color.

Excellent appearance leggings combined with mini-dresses and dresses of medium length. Remember one rule: the shorter the dress, the longer you can wear leggings. In the same style and material of shiel dress has almost no value, may be able to supplement socks as a light summer dress and warm knitted dress.

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Another point: socks now called not only “pads” on the legs, but also special “sleeves” that place, respectively, of the country. You will be able to create a very feminine, elegant ensemble of gaiters for legs and arms if all elements of the ensemble and will be the same, or will be carried out in a similar color scheme.

And, of course, remember that each person is unique – do not be afraid to emphasize their individuality, not be afraid to experiment with texture, color, design leggings and will always be in the limelight, they will feel at ease in the image, who himself created.