Wheel Bag X Backpack: Advantages and Disadvantages

While some people prefer to travel to the beach and others to the countryside, there are those who opt for a wheel’s suitcase and those who love to take their belongings on their backs. Despite involving the personal taste, the choice of baggage is also usually made according to the needs and the type of travel. A month in Europe requires different care than a weekend in the family’s ranch, for example.

Here on the site we have already talked about choosing the right suitcase, from various aspects. In continuity, see what the peculiarities of these two types of luggage (the wheel bag and the backpack) and for which cases each are perfect.

Advantages of traveling with backpacks

Backpacks are very practical to take during the trip, even more if you have to walk through the sand, stone streets and climb ladders. If you did the same with the suitcase of wheels, you would have to carry it temporarily in hand, which would cause discomfort, since it was not made to be taken that way.

Moreover, as they are malleable and compact, these backpacks usually fit easily into the private closets of hostels. As a result, this baggage is perfect for those who like to stay in hostels and/or make short trips.

On the other hand…

If you have problems on your back, it takes a lot of clothes or you feel shivering just thinking about loading weight, using backpack might not be the best for you. Remember that even if the luggage is “acceptable”, after a walk your back can complain about the hassle caused by physical exertion.

Another unfavorable point for backpacks concerns fragile objects. Due to the malleability of baggage, glass bottles can be easily broken. So if you take fragile items, rethink the type of luggage or be extra careful when loading it.

Airplane trips

In airplane trips, it is possible to carry as much backpack as a wheel, provided that the luggage, in general, does not exceed the limit of 23 kg. Who exceeds the weight, must pay an extra fee to carry the objects. Always check the limit with your airline.

Although the two baggage is accepted, you must pay attention to the way you will be charged. A person travelling from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro to spend only a weekend may want the belongings to stay with her, i.e. be taken as hand luggage. However, when choosing a medium-sized wheel suitcase, for example, it will be forced to be dispatched by not fitting in the airplane’s baggage.

So to have the dream trip and no problem, plan it all in advance, including what it will take and what kind of suitcase.

Bon Voyage!

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