Which is the Best Lipstick Color in This Country?

In a current magazine, I have a Maybelline ad pages for the new super stay 14 H lipstick found. There is already some days on my desk – but I came today to time to apply it. Films in all new colors for removing are attached on an entire page.

The Division into light, medium and dark complexion dear me in my opinion is not so ideal – warm, cool and neutral complexion would be. I’ve got that absolutely no dark complexion – am pale, I immediately burn the Sun and become a little brown – only with much effort and still fit the colors for the dark complexion with me (up on the top).

It is unvarnished good to realize that the light tones, which are clearly all cooling, do not fit despite my rosy cheeks for me. The lowest sound in the Middle – clearly a warm shade – fits well, looks but boring.

Tip to the application

Not too close to the mirror set. 30 cm spacing were okay with me. Photos I could not just me – much today see to tired from…


Cool idea – just try it out. The result can be applied also to other products. The films could be cleanly removed.