Why Are Uncomfortable Shoes (A Simple Vista) Succeeding? The Trend Is Heavier Than Anything

Yesterday estrené these shoes are very comfortable! No I bought these boots because it was not holding them a minute! These are only two sentences that we tend to pronounce at the time of purchase or brand new shoes. For years the comfort of the shoes It has been one of the first premises to acquire it and many brands have become popular precisely for this reason. But now it seems that it is not the first thing we look before placing them in our Shoemaker, the trends we can much more and is shown.

4-2016 (s) Nov 11:01 PDT

The high heels of the So Christian Louboutin Kate have become the best seller of the firm and now it seems that the design will be the first thing that us between the eyes and may yet. Anthony Vacarello has created a heel with the mythical icon Yves Saint Laurent, which does not seems to be very comfortable, Balenciaga boots with a gigantic platform are already a huge success and the towering Vetements or Manolo Blahnik have waiting list. We can not forget mega platforms Gucci, Prada or Marc Jacobs, both popularized by the love that celebrities have shown by them. What is most important for you?

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