50 Shades of Red

I remember I was maybe 11 and put some nonsense. Because my mother had one, we say, unusual punishment method a drop: I was allowed to wear for one week only red thing, say red shoes, red pants, Red Sweater (good, because I didn’t have not many of them, came other colors as pink in question).
Is it not brutal?
I still remember that I had at that time really ugly red shoes that looked a bit like red Budapest with laces on the side. Even when I think about it today, it runs down the back me cold. My mom found her fancy I cried about it every time when I had to put it on.
Yes, what came on my clothes my mother often tormented me and put me in (colorful) things I found terribly as a child and there was #all red everything-Kombi (literally) at the front.
Today I wonder whether my mother would have really pulled through this punishment if she had known that it would dominate me for the rest of my life and I’m doing until today a wide berth to this color and it if only quite deliberately somewhere when put eye-catcher.
This look is different, however, because I’ve decided consciously for a little more red in my look, but through the many gradations of red, I’m still far away from looking like a signal light.
It does attract attention anyway 😉


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