About Sports Bras

Choosing a sports bra is not a decision to be taken at random or based on criteria of fashion. A model adapted to the anatomy of women and sport practice helps to prevent injury.

The type of appropriate sports bra for you depends on the size of your chest and the level of impact of physical activity you do.

When choosing which sports bra is the most suitable for each woman they have take into account both the size and the activity that is to be performed.

Depending on the size of the breast:

Carving marks the election of the holder, since bigger, more need for restraint there. Taking into account this variable, the market offers two types of Sports Bras:

  • Of compression. Suitable for those women who have, according to the Spanish design, a 90 or less, or drinks A or B. It’s a very tight models and which often have designs on band.
  • Of the gathering. Designed for women with a size of 95 or higher, or glasses from C. Being a larger chest, movement is greater and the compression of the previous models would only cause pain and health problems. Therefore in the case of large breast are recommended fasteners sports of recollection, in which each of them is collected independently. Visually, they are much more similar to those normally used on a daily basis.

Almost all brands organized the size differently than clips of daily, based on the measurements of the clothes: S, M, L, XL and XXL. To learn how to choose sports bra size, FASHIONISSUPREME offers guide on how to calculate and find out the size.

According to the physical activity to be performed:

each of the sports for the choice of a sports bra are classified according to the level of impact:

  • High impact: including running, basketball, step and aerobics. For this type of activity the best are those that have similar to the swimming swimwear back.
  • Medium impact: thus considered cycling, skating, bodypump and the zumba. For these can also be used the type swimming swimsuit and, even, fasteners with cross braces.
  • Low impact: as the Pilates or yoga. Sports Bras with thin straps are suitable for low-impact activities, although the other two models can be used.

The greater the impact, greater restraint is needed. Wear a bra with more restraint than necessary is never a problem, provided it is of adequate size and does not cause discomfort while the sport is practiced. What should not be done is never use a bra with little attachment to perform high impact sports.

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