Boots for Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011: Celebrities against Streetstylers. Who Has More Style?

With the change of time yesterday we saw the 10 Street to avoid the cold and looks in many of them the footwear they were chosen boots which are the hottest for this Autumn-winter 2010 / 2011.

In a matter of boots, the options are many and because it is not the same who wear it, We face virtually famous and streetstylers to learn from their different looks, see each choose what type of boot and who wear best. Rachel Bilson gives the starting gun to begin, with suede boots with a generous cradle-to-heel mode.

The famous single musketeer fall boots

Something that caught my attention in the last days is the repetition of many looks with the musketeer boots by various famous, very different among themselves in terms of style. We see Taylor Momsen with boots overcoming knee in gray, with a look suitable to them, including layer.

Halle Berry also has joined the fashion Recalling his role as Catwoman with a leather musketeer boots in black with all game and to protect themselves from the cold lamb vest.

Last week we saw a gorgeous Claudia Schiffer in the front row of Chanel with a leather boots in a light brown color, dismissing the summer look with airs sailors.

The streetstylers prefer the low ankle boots for fall

Front of the boot that exceeds the knee of the famous, the streetstylers they prefer to opt for something more comfortable. The booty It is the best model for this time, it covers equal foot and more fashionable than ever. There are many styles. Some of those who are most committed by a generous heel, bringing to who carries them several inches above the ground, in two colours and combine with a total look.

Then we have some boots that climb a little more becoming more stylized boots. Wafer-thin heel that every day can be destructive. In this case, these black boots achieve a great look with a white dress with black, as well as the blazer details.

The trend of the military boots Some understand it very well, opting for incredible leather boots vintage Brown with just worn appearance. Good shorts and a cardigan and to show off legs. That Yes, beware of the cold.

2 boots, style of street against Kyle Minogue

If we are looking for a boot with a more established form and are afraid to be too classical, we can also play with shank of the shoe, if it is too high can take them folded showing the interior and so have two color boots in a flawless leather worn according to all kinds of looks.

Kyle Minogue prefers to further innovate and choose a boot that is mixed with the conventional shoe shape. The differences are evident, as well as the cost of both options.

Famous against streetstylers: passion for the animal print booty

Kim Kardashian is one of the celebrities who never leaves the animal print. It is this fall follow with force but his passion for this pattern is excessive. So it is not surprising that it reaches to the ankle boots and covered see them this badly.

In the Street looks not missing this style of footwear, generous heel and minimum platform but not search a look so sophisticated, more informal.

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