If there is a place in Berlin for me, then it is the Chancellor’s Office in Middle: I can remember yet on my first time there. It was 2007, and I was the first time with friends in Berlin. It was already dark and we were sitting on the stairs opposite and overlooking the river Spree, which snaked along between the buildings. I still remember that moment was as magical.

I however still as accurate would remind me and the day met people with whom I also still years later remained friends, that I did not know yet at the time.
Until today this place is something special for me, a bit like a fortress in the middle of the city. A quiet place in the middle of the hustle and bustle, right on the water and with the most beautiful view of the city.
Since I live in Berlin, located not too far from the Chancellor’s Office, even yet another item on the list is: this place is my favorite Shooting location.

It is so wonderfully clean here, quiet and a true landmark of the city, a place of tranquility and a place where major decisions are taken. Since the first time here I was hardly what has changed, it seems just as would the clocks still stand here and take the time only very slowly while memories colorful paint the walls.


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