Checks and Frills

Go shopping they said.
It’s sale, they said.

When I went recently to a date in the Galeries LaFayette, for a coffee and to discuss a future and still-secret project a few French delicacies, sale was there grade. After the interview was finished I had slightly over one hour to the next date. “Go but already up and let a little inspired by the new collection for the project.”
MMH. It is clear – “inspire”.
Of course I’m straight over to the new collection out for signs where 50% to 60% off and worked me through two whole floors – and what can I say?
I was looking for.

You know I’m not much offline shopping, mainly for the reason money to save. Because as soon as I land on a shopping street, it will be dangerous to my account balance. If even sale is I can guarantee for nothing!
I don’t know what is going on with me, but whenever I see this sale signs (50% it will be exciting) I become a bargain hunting zombie, which knows no mercy. Of course I not quite time for my next appointment, but with a fat yield, including the shoes and the upper part was the her here in see in the photos. I mean seriously: how I could not have with these two great parts, where they are but so terribly cute and even 60% reduced? We are honest: I never had a real chance.

Of course also the rest of the outfit should be attention, especially my wonderful coat, which definitely is a real eye-catcher!

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