Christopher Kane for Topshop

Adventures masstige between the retail and the cr creators up-to-date may not always keep their promises, this does not seem to be the case with that r uniting – for the second time – Christopher Kane and the temple of the London fashion…

Now when one Announces Jimmy Choo at H & M or Rodarte at Target, the enthusiasm aroused by these duets a day has very little do with the one led by ph m between Karl Lagerfeld and the known ant g re marriage must in 2004. Which at that time was a real revolution – finally to build bridges between the cr creators and the average consumer – became over time a way marketing like any other, including the r p competition ended by overuse of the concept.

So, when Topshop d clara want to renew its collaboration with the young designer Scottish Christopher Kane (entrusting him with the development of a complete line you), we decided my judging on pi before start we will pack… This pr bail is av finally useless rera, both Kane seems to have a high professional conscience. Indeed, m me when he thinks large spreading mode, the creator cannot settle for a low collection of cropping on his creative range.

For the fall/winter 2009-2010, he was so good gard to design a low cost version of its last d wire. On the contrary, the young man seems to have decided to offer clients the IP topshopiennes these in say flirting with air time, without losing an ounce of their d sheath creator.

Lant f rock minit and winks ann M 80’s, he worked with pi these turn turn casual and os are, screw studs and transparencies. And if the brit girls will find assur lying their happiness among the clout tights and jeans plummeted, s s d m metal tails no less extroverted fashionistas will succumb s particularly t-shirts and mini jackets rebrod are studs, not to mention the many dresses including the mod blue night is av rent more s merrier.

Finally, all those who have not had the opportunity – or budget – fall for the famous gorilla t-shirts rigraphi of Kane can console themselves with the crocodile dress, line e in m my mind…

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