Do Not Choose between Your Two Favorite T-Shirts? with The Trend Spliced Do Not Need to Do It

These last few seasons we have witnessed how a fashion of the 1980s became a hole in our lives. The DIY has been strong in the street style, with patches, broken Cowboys and even hand-made point. Home-made fashion lovers will be pleased to know the new trend handmade: t-shirts spliced, with two halves of your favourite pieces.

Do not choose between your two favorite t-shirts? Do you have ways of being very contradictory and do not know what show? Are you the two faces of Batman? Or simply the craziest trends are cool you? In any case, this new textile craze is for you. Vetements put the idea on the table and is very simple: cut in half your two favorite t-shirts and sew them together. A kind of Frankenstein experiment whose outcome will surprise you, and very pleasantly surprised.

A photo published by Diet Prada™ (@diet_prada) 3 Oct 2016 (s) 11:56 PDT

However, if you are not a handyman with needle and thread also there is hope for you. Not all are born with that gift! For this reason, the stores offer the craft already made, so you can just look it, that is the important thing. Mix artwork, t-shirts with messages or graphics. What is you spend per head! There are many things that we like in the world, and thanks to this trend, we can bring them all together.

  • T-shirt Jaded London X Granted Tour of Asos. 50,99 euros.
  • T-shirt Dallas by Metal Company of Revolve. 343,56 euros.
  • Missguided College t-shirt. 27 euros.
  • NYC by Brooklyd’s Topshop shirt. 13 euros.

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