Eastern Trend: This Fall We Travel Towards The Exotic

If you are looking for Eastern inspiration This fall in your looks, you’re in luck. East imposes its Exotic beauty and refined with flashy clothing drawings, flowers, embroidery, fringes or luxury rhinestones, responsible for adorning each piece, usually done in chiffon, silk or velvet. An exotic touch of geishas, who propose we wear many international designers.


We see the most striking versions and original on the international runways. Valentino combines its romanticism and sensuality transparent fabrics, Swiss dot with appliqué and fine lace, as well as tribal touches, but it adds the oriental tendency with the Chinese Dragon, mythological and legendary animal of China. A charged magic combination.

Giambattista Valli

Floral prints are always part of our looks. But this fall the flowers are exotic, they come loaded with brightly colored and encourage us to give colour to our dark winter outfits. Giambattista Valli proposes them with lace details and mini-vestidos and pants. Floral paradise with prints that glad day long and sad.

Elisabetta Franchi

The aesthetic samurai see it in the proposals of Elisabetta Franchi with mini-vestidos of bodies by way of layers and maxi kimonos, made in fabrics with Sheen such as silk, satin and satin. The range of the blue ones combined with white and orange highlights are the protagonists of these proposals of Asian culture.

Elie Saab

Until the footballer Elie Saab It has fallen yielded to this influence of Japanese arts. We see it in models short and long, pleated and vaporous of fine gauze, very sophisticated, feminine floral and sensual semi-transparency. It’s him Eastern red carpet look.


The Maxi coats oversize very structured and of Japanese mangas, with birds or flowers are Delpozo options. Architectural creations in this color block


The kimono It is a fashion garment that has spread from Japan to all over the world, occupying our wardrobes. It is the garment of oriental inspiration more versatile and easier to wear, that is part of our street style,

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