Eco Friendly T-Shirts

Organic cotton t-shirts, made from organic cotton, fulfill your purpose: to reinforce the brand image of a company, business, entity, association, event, establishment … Customized t-shirts in bio cotton convey an image of commitment to society. At the same time they compromise that image with society, people and the environment.

Ecological custom t-shirts, improving the world a little

We can all do our bit for a more sustainable world.Through the organic textile, especially personalized t-shirts, bags and sweatshirts recommended by All kinds of textiles made with organic cotton that can be customized.A cotton that has been cultivated following best practices, respecting the environment, avoiding the use of toxic pesticides and artificial fertilizers.Cotton is a very productive crop for farmers in producing countries, since it is a key contribution to agricultural activity.

The cultivation of cotton with sustainable methods ensures the minimum impact of production on the environment. That is why, at Impacto33 we want to give a privileged space to organic cotton by customizing T-shirt models from brands such as Hane s. In addition to custom cotton bags from the Westfordmill brand.It is a booming sector, being fundamental the sensitization.

The organic cotton sector, through all the textile products elaborated according to good practices respectful of nature and the environment , is a sector that is gaining more and more followers. People, companies, organizations, associations and society in general is increasingly sensitized in a rational, committed consumption . Organic t-shirts, organic bags, organic cotton sweatshirts … Put your grain of sand for a better society.

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