H & M Dress What You Will Allow You Convert in Aimee Song

If you are Aimee Song, Blogger followers of Song of Style sure that you fall in love with their looks with dresses and tops of delicate lace, which insinuate without showing anything. Most are firm Self Portrait, a firm that works like few guipure. The good news is that H & M has achieved one similar result much less.

The dress in question is the Azalea model, a dress, strapless and midi guipure. that fits at the waist like a corset to drop with flight below. Gorgeous Aimee Song wore red, and this spring reissued and can be purchased in various pastel colors for €350 in Net-a-Porter.

In H & M We only found it in yellow, for 99 euros, and I must say that although their price is higher than the average, the quality is worth. It comes with an inner lining so not transparent, guipure is well done, and the color is beautiful and flattering. It is not the first time that we have clone of these dresses Self Portrait, the Spanish firm Mioh already saw him and cloned in the same cherry that led Aimee.

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