How to Wear a High Waist Skirt

Increasingly high waist come stood out in the fashion world and conquering your space among the female audience, since most of the women have already joined the high waist to your style. For some time they were featured, being considered a strong tendency, especially in the summer. The high-waist is a piece that adds value to the forms of the female body and leaves the women’s most charming productions and delicate.

High-waisted skirt can be found in different designs, shapes, colors and lengths, varying according to each season and with the trends of each season.

But, regardless of what styles and templates all have in common is the high waist. Outlining the feminine curves, the high waist is an attribute which favours not only skinny women, but also all kinds of women’s body when used correctly.

High-waisted skirts when used properly can help reduce measures of women who are not happy with the balance. And for this reason we decided to give some tips on how to use the high-waisted skirts so that all can make use of the play, without making any slide in time to compose your production. Check out some useful tips that can help you in the purchase and use high-waisted skirts.

The nice high waist is that it is located in a very interesting term, i.e. the high waist is above the line seen by the waistband down, but is also far from models of skirts with high waistband, which can reach up to almost the area below the breasts. So we can say that the high waist is an ideal pattern for all seasons, because it is in a perfect time in the navel and the length of the skirt high waist suits all seasons, which should be approximately 5 cm above the knees.

High-waisted skirts are considered extremely democratic parts, since it can be used both in winter and summer, without any problem. In addition, are pieces that can not miss in the wardrobe of the modern woman and in tune with fashion to parade around with their best looks with these pieces that can merge sexiness, originality and femininity in a single production. Release your fashionista side to create different looks with high-waisted skirts.

Bearing in mind the right way to use high-waisted skirts, women can imagine which image you want to convey. For example, with a particular model the woman may pass an image of femininity, with another model an image of sensuality and so on. The only rule is to know how to choose the suitable model for every occasion proposal.

How to use high-waisted skirt according to the your biotype

Tall women and thin:

In the case of women who are tall and skinny, almost everything is allowed. But, the best option to compose a perfect production is to invest in more adjusted, as the traditional pencil skirt or as modern high-waisted skirts with bandage style. High-waisted skirts can be combined with t-shirts, shirts or races, in addition to being superimposed with jackets, bland and cardigans. To leave the production even more charming and stylish, the ankle boots leaves the modern look, unlike the doll-style pumps and peep toes that adds more femininity.

Remember, high-waisted skirts combine perfectly in women more skinny, hence there is no restriction of use to this lucky biotype, as are super well in them and there is no contraindication. High-waisted skirts with Ruffles, more adjusted, with details, embroidery, Ruffles are fully released, as well as the different modeling.

Women with thin legs:

Many skinny women complain of skinny legs and try to hide this problem, the best option is to bet on the skirts high waist with balloon modeling and also in versions with Ruffles that help to add more volume to the body, but mainly in the thighs and hips.High-waisted skirts and ballooning with Ruffles can be used with the more differentiated models of blouses.

The volumes of the ruffles create the impression of a slender body, especially the hips and the silhouette that are highlighted with this model of high-waisted skirt. Neutral templates are more democratic, while the most colorful and printed templates are reserved for women who want to acquire more curves with the piece.

Overweight women:

What few women’s high waist skirt helps define the finest region of the body, so women who are overweight may invest in the high-waisted skirts with modeling evasê to draw attention away from your belly, in addition to the leave help balance the body measurements of who’s out of shape. High-waisted skirts with modeling “A” also help disguise those love handles, thus ensuring a more feminine and romantic.

Complementing the production with simple sweaters, without many details, accompanied with casaquetos and jaquetinhas. To hit the production stay in view of the colors chosen to compose your visual. If you want to tune the hip, try using a darker tone to the skirt; While for those who want to decrease the volume of the breasts, the shirts should be chosen in neutral colors and sober, like black, blue, grey and Brown, for example the shirts showing on

How to use high-waisted skirt according to the environment

Casual environments:

Time to use the high-waisted skirt in casual environments, the rule is composed productions with blouses called “podrinhas”, i.e. those simpler blouses with slender, in addition to the short jackets, jeans, sweaters and cardigans, light. Feet, the best options are the sneakers, boots, oxfords and Sandals anabelas. During the day, try not to use high-waisted blouses and skirts with embroidery, details of glitters and many extravagant colors, let them reserved for evening events.

Enterprise environments:

In the case of corporate environments, such as offices and businesses need to use your common sense, especially as regards the length of the high-waisted skirts. Let the high-waisted skirts with short modeling for the holidays and ballads. In the workplace in General, prefer the more elongated models, preferably in knee-height in order to be able to adjust the sets even in your work. Combine high-waisted skirts with larger modeling with t-shirts in colors more sober, skinny belts and high heels. To leave the production even more elegant, invest in crisp Blazers and vests.

Ballads and festive occasions:

In ballads and on festive occasions that are considered informal environments, vale misusing virtually all models of high-waisted skirts, since the shorter lengths, even the longest average. The only rule is to climb the high heels, as peep toes, ankle boots and sandals. The top women will play in the glow of the waterings and boleros of sequins, as well as the leather jaquetinhas to leave the modern look.

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