Leopard Print Sweeps between Famous and Streestylers

The Leopard print continued sweeping in the street. Famous of all styles and many streestylers continue wearing their outfits in the Leopard print. And it is that it can be carried in elegant manner, and more informally. Today we propose a review by looks of all kinds which surely take ideas.

We must banish the false myth that the Leopard print is baratero. And is that you tags such as Dolce & Gabanna o Isabel Marant have convinced us that it can remain as cool.

Let’s look at all the possibilities offered by the Leopard print:

For the more timid, only in accessories

If you think that this pattern is not for you, you can begin to use it in small doses, i.e., in the add-ins: a scarf, leggings, stockings with Leopard-print will give a touch of the trend to your style without falling into vulgarity and without being too flashy.

Even famous as modositas as Katherine Heigl they look the most savage print in your bag type shopping combined with jeans and camel tones.

And what I say this perfect look lady that we spent Jennifer Lopez? A leopard print bag ends to complete the styling.

Although this winter, that can not miss in your wardrobe is one shoes or sandals with the print. I love!.

The shelters with Leopard print, a basic

I remember the first collection of Penélope Cruz for Mango, wearing a coat with Leopard print. Many we didn’t dare to buy it, thinking that it would be a fad that would soon pass long.

But if you bought it some time, you did a good purchase, because the famous as Kate Moss, the Olsen, Alexa Chung and many others stop does not wear it all the time.

When is the Leopard print the protagonist

We are in agreement that is not an easy to match pattern. So when lights it in skirts, pants, dresses or blouses, required combined with neutral tones: camel, black, grey, etc..

Even looks good with red. Look how this girl wears a jersey of Zara Trafaluc with accessories in red.

And, but we always have the possibility of the cowboy. Rozaschic carries this jersey dress of Bershka (from last season) with your favorite skinny.

In the image gallery, I leave you with many more ideas and outfits with this trend.

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