Looks to Go Beer: The Streetstylers Show Us Your Lighter Clothes for Summer

In summer It is essential to take care of high temperatures and Choose the best look possible to not pass heat. These months of July and August temperatures can reach very high levels so you better take a look at the Street looks and see what we propose, they are those who truly imposing fashion.

There are two options for go fresh. One is to forget almost put us clothes, as in the main image that you can see, with a set of bath and a jacket vintage that is not recommended to go to work. And the second option is to follow the advice of the following streetstylers and incorporate them into our style.

Do you dare to go in a bikini on the street or we better wear more clothes?

The bikini is very comfortable truth, but must be covered a little for not going so seductive on the street, not going to be that all are left us looking. So a good two piece set the freshest possible is ideal. This summer tones mauve and blue are very fashionable and happy view.

Speaking of set of two pieces, a nice White irregular neckline top next to a short flower skirt It’s perfect for high temperatures. That Yes, forget the ankle socks, please. OK it will be all the fashion you want, but it’s hot! And we are not mad?

Speaking of flowers, have the opportunity to choose a short dress one piece, of shoulder straps. More summer than this there is almost nothing. Ideal for any occasion and any time. Red or colorful flowers on funds to choose.

Another pattern that is also causing a furor are the polka dots. The small voles flooded dresses, perfect place, and the results are designs gorgeous, very pop and vintage, thinking of 90. That, combined with shoes or sandals the most open possible. Remember: it’s hot.

The best thing is to bring together these dresses with leather and light brown colors.

Since we’re talking about short dresses, I could not forget of the white dresses. A nice little white dress It is ideal for these days of unbearable heat. White is one of the colors of summer and will be a purchase that we will be forever because it never goes out of fashion.

The option to combine already depends on each one. A Converse high boot Grill us foot. I prefer Sandals by smooth floor, leather, game with nice hat to take away the Sun.

The pastel colors also sent. The test is this wonderful short ruffled dress. Fresher than this there is little. Once well combined with leather in black. If we don’t have the bag of Alexander Wang that we see in the image does not pass anything, there are thousand best.

My advice is to burn all style straps to the of Moschino that I can see. Or pay us to take the mark or better that they carry it.

Returning to the two assemblies. The skirt is perfect for the summer. Skirts denim We’re seeing in stores. They are easy to wear and very wearable. With a white top game we already have a look for every day.

A beautiful matching skirt also is a great idea. Fred Perry never fails.

Nor do the shirts. Always willing to show off every day and especially the working days. Basic shirts as the light blue which are combined with high-waisted skirts stamped. The ankle boots peep toes better leave them for later, we roast.

To go fresh with a blouse knotted navel we remove a little heat and are going well cute.

And if we now want something different, a good body It will give us the modern touch that we seek.

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