Looks with Leggings

The leggings have become an essential garment to match any of your looks in colder times of the year.

The leggings can be defined as an elastic mesh that protects the legs. There are many types, colors, and finishes; from the most classical in black, grey or Navy Blue, passing through the wildest animal print or that simulate leather patterned, showing your look rock and sugar cane.

It also shows a perfect makeup, along with your look. Always carry with you BB Nude Magique, a pass from mask False Lash Extensions and sensual lips with Rouge Caresse 401 Rebel network. ideals! to match your leggings

4 styles with leggings!

Try to combine your leggings with garments that will be more this winter. Give 4 examples:

-Leggings with mini-dresses or skirts

Get an dress or short skirt and combine them with your favorite leggings. If you want to get a look of day, combine it with a few dancers or some flat boots and if you want to look perfect for the night, uses some leggins black or glitter, with a minidress and high heel shoes. Perfect day and night!

-Leggings under high socks or tights.

This look is more difficult to see, but it is very original and daring. To wear it, use some shorts, a short dress or a miniskirt and wear a thick leggings; over used high socks or tights with original and bold prints, put on some boots high or ankle boots and complete your look with a jacket or a trench. The perfect look for this fall!

-Leggings as pants

There are cases in which the leggings act as tights or pants according to Financedns. Does not require you use dresses or skirts over, since you can wear them as if you only take a few pants. Using a feather with heels of salon and a XL shirt and an impressive evening, look or dare to wear them with ethnic prints or animals, only suitable for the more fashionistas!

-Leggings with maxi shirts or sweatshirts

If you want to wear a comfortable and casual, styling it uses your leggings with sweatshirts and wide and long, clothes above your knees. You can use it with sneakers, sneakers or loafers and will show a casual and ideal aspect for the long days of winter.
You have many ways of combining your leggings, so… What are you waiting for buy one?

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